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Remedy Bank

04 juni 2018
Het is nu mogelijk u remedies bij Remedy Bank te  bestelen

24 mai 2018

Dear Shareholder, dear colleague, dear client

I am pleased to inform you that our WEB SHOP sales of certified starting materials for homeopathic preparation by REMEDY BANK has started.

I resume for you how REMEDY BANK works:

- REMEDY BANK produces starting materials for homeopathic preparation (SMHP). SMHP are the substances defined by law (EUR. DIR. 2001/83/EC) as “stocks”. These substances are used for producing the first succussed (shaken) or triturated potency.
- our starting materials are sold in amber glass bottles of 10 ml, containing maximum 5 ml or 5 gr of substance. The quantity is considered as sufficient to start your dilution series as defined by the European Pharmacopoeia 9th ed.
- the normal ordering procedure including payment runs through our web shop
- basic price per substance is 55,00 euro excl. taxes and expedition
- an analytical certificate (CoA) will be downloadable from the web shop after your reception of the goods.
- in order to celebrate the start-up of our sales, we offer temporary a price cut of 15% on the basic prices, so 46,75 euro instead of 55!
- shareholders, registered as Buyers, have a permanent reduction of 10 euro per substance (note: shareholders are not automatically registered as a Buyer, it depends on your status of being authorized to buy pharmaceutical stocks; please register properly)
- other quality documents are available on demand and against payment (harvest protocol, raw data from the lab etc).
- stability is set conform to analog substances on the market which have been granted 5 years during notification policy for industrially made remedies; this expiry date will be confirmed or adapted later on, based on the results from our stability test data (ICH procedure)
- none of the substances is qualified for direct delivery as such to an end user; all Remedy Bank SMHP must be potentized before any delivery with respect to their toxicity. Please consult specialized literature and FSD (First Safe Dilution) prescriptions.
- all goods are produced under GMP and GDP license.

Go to the web site, log in as a user or create your user account, following the instructions on the web site.
If you are a pharmacist, a pharmaceutical manufacturer or a pharmacy related company or foundation, please register as a Buyer in order to identify yourself with your credentials.

SMHP are toxic and sometimes highly toxic in their pure state. Just to make sure that a Buyer applicant is not a patient or unauthorized person who is not supposed to have direct access to SMHP, your application as a buyer will be investigated. You will be notified as soon as your credentials are checked (normally within 5 days). Patients should contact a nearby Buyer-registered pharmacy or distributor. Every pharmacy in Europe (and outside) is able to register as a Buyer without further obligations.

1. Send your orders using the web shop; follow the procedures.
2. After receiving your payment, goods will be sent, and you will get a delivery confirmation.
3. All orders are accepted under disclaimers conditions only (see Buyer registration) and our general conditions of sale. In case of doubt: contact us.
4. Actual delivery conditions are always: ex works (EXW).
5. There are exceptional conditions for Buyers who would want a “permanent order” system: every new substance that is added to the catalogue will be automatically sent. Please contact us for further details ()


Sincere regards,

Jack Hendrickx
industrial pharmacist, QP
Remedy Bank
Congobootstraat 34
2660 Hoboken, Belgium


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Het is nu mogelijk u remedies bij Remedy Bank te  bestelen
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